Nutrients packed in nutmeg oil enhance hair growth and add a lustrous shine. more Jathikai(in Tamil) is called as Nutmeg in English. Nutmeg is pronounced "jatikkay" in Tamil. Cymran LLC. Nutmeg/Mace Javitri ... Glossary Pakistani & Indian Spices (Masala)". பார்த்த நாள் 2 October 2013. nutmeg . Said to be a native of Indonesia, found in the Spice Islands, it is the seed of the fruit of an evergreen tree known as Myristica fragrans.It now grows in Malaysia, the Caribbean, and Southern India as well. It is also called as Jathikka. Find below a list of basic Indian Spices and their names in Hindi and Tamil. Every Nutmeg Spice Company employee takes pride in their craft, and … Excellent nutrients in this spice help to enhance your overall beauty. Nutmeg is a popular spice made from the seeds of Myristica fragrans, a tropical evergreen tree native to Indonesia ().. Nutmeg is the seed or ground spice of several species of the genus Myristica. To reap benefits of nutmeg for skin, you must topically apply the ingredient. We offer our customers Quality, Quantity, Price and Variety. Exporter of Spices Collection - Nutmeg Spice, Dry Ginger, Cloves Buds and Black Pepper offered by Ghosh Agri Tech Private Limited, Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu. There are macrons on both "A's." nutmeg in Tamil translation and definition "nutmeg", English-Tamil Dictionary online. IPA: ... East Indian tree widely cultivated in the tropics for its aromatic seed; source of two spices: nutmeg and mace. பார்த்த நாள் 2 October 2013. hard aromatic seed of the nutmeg tree used as spice when grated or ground. 1. Myristica fragrans (fragrant nutmeg or true nutmeg) is a dark-leaved evergreen tree cultivated for two spices derived from its fruit: nutmeg, from its seed, and mace, from the seed covering.It is also a commercial source of an essential oil and nutmeg butter. Well, Nutmeg is an evergreen perennial tree that reaches about 10 meter height and produces two different spices. Syvum Technologies Inc.. Jathikai is widely used in Tamil Nadu for the benefits the spice offers. The Nutmeg Spice Company's mission is simple: to provide the United States with high-quality spices and herbs at a fair price. DIY Nutmeg Face Mask Recipes. It is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Niacin, Folic acid, Ribloflavin, Beta-Carotene. You can mix this essential oil with other ingredients and apply it on the scalp. Nutmeg and mace are the output of this tree. "Glossary of Food Ingredients". It has plenty of nutritional value. Direct Advert Media LLC. I get mails from foreigners asking me about Indian spices, so I decided to introduce Indian spices, spice powder and few other ingredients commonly used in Indian cooking. "Glossary of Spices & Condiments - Indian Names". This spice is commonly used in sweet Indian treats and dishes. Mace is the dried reticulated ‘aril’ of the fruit and nutmeg … English Common name: Nutmeg Botanical Common Name: Myristica fragrans Description: Nutmeg & Mace are two distinctly different spices produced from a fruit of an evergreen tree usually 9-12 mtr high. A spice that is commonly used in the preparation of various dishes across various cuisines, nutmeg is valued for its sweet aroma.

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