Use SVV_EXTERNAL_TABLES to view details for external tables; for more information, see CREATE EXTERNAL SCHEMA.Use SVV_EXTERNAL_TABLES also for cross-database queries to view metadata on all tables on unconnected databases that users have access to. The following screenshot shows the different table locations. The goal is to grant different access privileges to grpA and grpB on external tables within schemaA. JF15. Create glue database : %sql CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS clicks_west_ext; USE clicks_west_ext; This will set up a schema for external tables in Amazon Redshift Spectrum. Create IAM users and groups to use later in Amazon Redshift: Add the following policy to all the groups you created to allow IAM users temporary credentials when authenticating against Amazon Redshift: Create the IAM users and groups locally on the Amazon Redshift cluster without any password. It is important that the Matillion ETL instance has access to the chosen external data source. Instead, use a The following is the syntax for Redshift Spectrum integration with Lake Formation. Amazon Redshift supports only Amazon S3 standard encryption for INSERT (external table). 4. Creating an external table in Redshift is similar to creating a local table, with a few key exceptions. For example, in the following use case, you have two Redshift Spectrum schemas, SA and SB, mapped to two databases, A and B, respectively, in an AWS Glue Data Catalog, in which you want to allow access for the following when queried from Amazon Redshift: By default, the policies defined under the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role assigned to the Amazon Redshift cluster manages Redshift Spectrum table access, which is inherited by all users and groups in the cluster. The table property must be defined or added to the table _

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