Check out US Armor’s Master Product Catalog and get in touch with their sales team to place your order. Now that I'm retired from that profession, I have carriers and plates for homestead protection. The FRAS system is much thicker/heavier compared to the regular Level 3A system above but it’s still reasonably soft and bendy where it counts. Our vests have passed rigorous NIJ testing and are stamped with a certification, which ensures that buyers are getting the protection they need and have come to expect. At least the updated this an added Velocity systems. Soft armor is usually made of a fabric-like material with extreme strength such as Kevlar, Spectra, Twaron, and so on. I was flirting with soft vest. They are fabricated with the highest quality to ensure your safety. If you're not worrying about size try to find an interceptor body armor vest like the military uses it is both level 3A protection and has the spots for your plates. Get proficient on YOUR time. If you’re going the affordable route…check out their plate/carrier combos so you can be sure it will fit. Plus it comes in other variants such as First Response, Level 3A+, High-Vis, and Tactical Molle. Just because it's branded AR500 armor doesn't mean it isn't level iv ceramic. Unfortunately that means even if you have a protection level for a certain round…if you’re too close and the round hasn’t had time to slow down…you’re still screwed. How does it stack up? My whole rig right now is 30lb, which I can't wear for very long. We’ve tested all of AR500 Armor’s different steel armor…and our favorite (and what we wear most of the time) is their Level III+ Lightweight Steel Body Armor. 0. $89.00. Subscribe and be the first to hear about our exclusive offers and latest arrivals. But AR500 are great for backup plates, training and for people who just can't or won't drop $800 - $1,000 on a set that rarely gets used. Whether you’re planning to pick up some standalone plates or spring for a set, there’s still plenty of must-have accessories to go with your shiny new armor. It’s rated Level II, so you still get protection from many pistol calibers and stab threats, but it is a mere 0.16 inches thick. We mostly ignore this type, although it can be good for child backpack inserts or light and stealthy mild protection. Keep in mind before this if you wanted rifle rated armor you’d have to go hard plates. Protecting your life doesn’t have to mean neglecting your comfort! Your body is curved, so it’s well worth your comfort to spring for the curved chest plate, even if it’s a few dollars more. You can hope your carrier catches the majority of it…or suck it up and get the build-up. Hi Allison! They are fabricated with the highest quality to ensure your safety. I've shot all of their plates and they hold up really well and I would trust them to protect me if it's all I could afford. Terms of Service apply. After I bought it saw a youtuber shoot one of their level IV plated with a 338 Lapua Mag with no penetration. They are usually custom fit since they are meant to be worn all day long. Even if the round doesn’t penetrate your armor…you’re going to have a bad day if sharp metal hits your throat and face. Our body armor plates suit all types of defense needs and protect your workers from trauma. Get the level which is appropriate for the types of threats you might face. A current favorite of ours is the Ferro Concepts Slickster which is super low profile but can be built up with additional kit. +$15.99 shipping. Common rounds, like the M855 green tip, will punch through plastic, but it offers protection from pretty much all pistol calibers. And it can also can maintain its integrity for years if properly stored. Want to know what other brand of body armor is trusted by law enforcement? For most civilians…we highly recommend AR500 Armor’s Level III+ Lightweight as the way to go. You can get it in ranger green, multi-cam, black, and coyote. //

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