Early to bed early to rise fish all day and make up lies!! I had a Tidecraft Wildfire in the early 90's that would hit 75 with a Merc 150 and a 27p prop. she is running 61 gps at 5800 rpm. The Triton 20 TrX, powered by a Mercury 250-hp Pro XS outboard, had a top speed of 73 mph in our performance test. Currently running a 23 Pro-V and 57.4 GPS was attained about 2 hours ago. Now with a fresh rebuild and the newly added paralift jackplate so after a good break-in I will be once again shootin to break 80mph! The Triton 21 TRX Elite (package) is a 21' bass boat designed for the serious fisherman whose mission focuses around competitive tournaments and high-speed performance. @MH, Same boat (Crest Tritoon), Same Engine (Mercury 150 Opti), Same Prop (Mirage Plus SS 15 3/4 x 15P) sees 5300RPM. Catering to the sport fishing boat market, Triton Boats provides an extensive variety of fiberglass and aluminum hull boats. I like the 4 strokes that I've heard. Tournament bass boats, fish and ski as well as pontoon boats are built by Triton to exacting standards. I have two Minnkota Talons on the boat and have a 24 inch Fury prop. Pre-owned 2010 Triton TR-18 bass fishing boat (92 hrs) for sale in Southside, Alabama (near Birmingham). Triton built the first wood-free bass boat in 1996. BBCBoards is the leading online community for Bass Boat connections. 2012 Triton TR18 2012 Triton TR18, 150 Hp Mercury 4 Stroke with warranty till 2015, Motor Guide 24 volt trolling motor, 2 bank battery charger, Lowrance Mark X5 graph, stainless steel prop, triton trailer. That is 1/4 tank gas, just me and 1 rod and a bag of flukes. Usually its higher 60's. Triton 21 TRX. My worry is that the triton with the 115 wont get me going at ideal speeds. The TR186 is stable boat, top speed w/150 approx 62 with my set up. I can now get around 50. I love my boat especially for the price, all the new fiberglass boats are beautiful machines I just can't afford to spend the price they go for. Cheap, light, scary, chine walking piece of junk! We've enhanced the interior with bigger decks, a roomier console and greater storage capacity, and it's filled with pro-level features. About 55 with a partner and all his gear. Hell some of the go fast bass boats are not hitting the speeds that popular mass produced brand owners will claim. just curious as I just bought a 2010 basscat sabre with a 150 efi merc. Plenty fast for fun fishing, not so good for tourneys. which does not include passengers, aftermarket boating accessories, or fuel. ... By raising it you can achieve a higher top speed. My 19 foot boat goes 85.6. Now, this one-ton pickup comes with a 2.5-liter option and a 3.6-liter V-6 option. Cause You Can Bet I'm Not Getting Too Far From The Boat Just To Have To Paddle Back! Would the triton … I did it most recently with just me but I can do it with 2. Triton 20 TrX: Mission “Designed to perform, built to fish” is Triton’s byline for the TrX Series. Tournament bass boats, fish and ski as well as pontoon boats are built by Triton to exacting standards. I am looking at a Triton x18 aluminum boat. Sounds like you got it dialed in those are impressive numbers, 19 ft ranger 461 vs 150 johnson fast strike...hyd jack plate 56 mph loaded. she is running 61 gps at 5800 rpm. Worth of me and a buddy has seen 63mph at 5400rpm gps. My 94 skeeter with a 150 merc mariner with all my tackle half a tank of gas by myself will run 61. The 4.9 HP Triton LI sports a 1.4-gallon fuel tank, an extended body length of 74.4 inches, and a dry weight of 207 lbs. It was an 18' death trap that would do over 90 if you had the nerve. - Large gear storage compartment that extends under front deck to bow. As Long As Were Both Paddling. If I take the trim up to just under cavitation, I will see 5100RPM with no change in speed. also, the power of the motor. Recreational fishermen find this boat to be perfect for the entire family. Google: allison bass boat with 150 mercury four stroke. I'm getting 50-55, My 13 skeeter zx190 with an hpdi 175 full of fuel, tackle and 400lbs. With the Margay and Sabre being mid 60s and the Z7 and 118 realistically topping out at about 58 - 60. Lancaster, Kentucky. '14 Triton 18XS 150 Optimax Pro XS Fortrex 80. The air-conditioned sub has a top speed of three knots and enough air and battery for undersea excursions lasting more than 10 hours. check out the. I have a 93 charger 17'3 and I only get like 45 loaded with 2 pple 1/2 tank and tackle.... guess I better look I to that....something seems off, Yeah, Well My 198- Something John Boat Will Do 2-3 Mph (Just My Best Guess) With Another Person, Tackle And Paddles. Skeeter SX 186 with 150 VMax. Hummingbird Helix 7 electronics on bow and Lowrance x28 in the console plus Helix 5 on Ram Mount. Chris - OK: 00 Triton TR22 00 225 Evinrude A lot of guys have a friend or a friend or a buddy with a special hull etc but reality often disproves the claims. Equipped with the powerful Mercury OPTIMAX PRO XS 250 and a top speed of 74 - 80 mph. And While You're Running Across The Lake At 80 Mph, I'm Gonna Be Fishing. has a 23 tempest 8" plate and after getting the setup right. Anyone that attended the recent Miami Boat Show could have watched a 19'2" ALLISON XB with the NEW 150 Mercury Four Stroke exceed 75. Sorry forgot to mention.... it's a Johnson 120 great compression fresh rebuild and not sure on the prop.... whatever came standard. I had a Laser LTV bassboat back in the early 90's with a 200 merc that was faster than my Bullet or the Allison I have now. Looks like you are about right. New it would run 63.8 with a 23 Trophy or a 25 Yamaha Pro-V These days about 57.4 is all I can swing with the old gal. HAH! The 206 Allure achieved a WOT speed of 59 mph (94.9 kph) at 5900 rpm from the Mercury 250-hp 4-stroke. I have a Nitro 800 lxs with a merc xr6 150 and I'm running 70 mph (gps) and expecting mid 70's with some future upgrades. 18' Ranger Dual console 12" Paralift jackplate has run 78.4 mph GPS. Now i know the nitro z7(z18) will get me going 55-60. 1998 TR18 Triton with 2000 Mercury 135 Opti MaxTwo Stroke 136 hours. January 10, 2014. Copyright © 2000-2020 BassBoat Central Inc. All rights reserved. '03 Skeeter TZX-190 w/ VMAX 150. lol. this is with two guys full fuel tank, full livewell, and all the tackle I will need. Re: Triton 18 explorer [ Re: chunkin ] #8230123 11/15/12 02:18 AM Never caught a fish running faster than about 25 mph. No nitro with 150 hp is hitting 70 anywhere but on the trailer.

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