You already have your camping DIYs ready; now you just need to master these recipes that can easily be made ahead of time or prepped for easy cooking. Serve with baguette (Tip: after you’ve dished out bowls of shakshuka, throw a few slices of the baguette on the skillet with a bit of olive oil and minced garlic (don’t worry about cleaning the pan first). Add cracked pepper to your liking. (And keep the recipes in mind for lightweight car camping, too.) Now, add most of your vegetables (carrots, celery, potato, zucchini). For a large number of people, you have to need a large amount of meat, thick buns, tomatoes as well as lettuce. 8. Plus, we’re going a step further…. In total, we’ve spent 5 months living in campervans, and we have done a lot of experimentation with cooking. 6. (If they are too hard, keep simmering for a few more minutes.). (One of these meals is one we regularly bring into the backcountry — where we literally just have a pot and some heat to cook with!). Check out Kettle Black Kitchen for home meal kits! Inexpensive: Part of the reason to cook instead of eating out is to save money. Pick vegetables: These are just ideas of combinations; feel free to alter it according to your taste. Using Minute Rice, OvaEasy egg, and dried vegetables, this meal can be made without a dehydrator! This recipe uses soba noodles, dried mushrooms and veggies, and a flavorful soup base of soy sauce and sesame oil. To repackage oil and sauces into sturdier, reusable containers, we recommend goToobs. © 2015-2020 VanDuffie Media LLC | Fresh Off The Grid®. Add all of the ingredients below for a camping recipe that is a serious show-stopper. 4. We are both big eaters, and we also like to have leftovers for a quick lunch the next day. A packet of peanut butter stirred in on the trail gives the stew some creaminess and a calorie boost. It’s so tasty and packs just the right amount of heat. Add a few table spoons of hot water from the rice noodle pot. spiralized zucchini (this spiralizer is a great campervan kitchen gadget if you want to eat healthy! Risotto with veggies. Wanna get fancy? It does require a bit of cooking on the trail, but it is well worth it! If you’ve ever felt like your trail diet lacks vegetables, it’s because you haven’t tried this Pasta Primavera yet! Cheese & Crackers – Eat them together or eat them on their own, either way, they’re a filling little snack. Fire-Roasted Vegetable … 2. 2. If you’re interested in longer-term storage for dehydrated food, read this section in our dehydrated food guide. Serving ideas: Totally optional things to add if you want to spice it up a bit, Mexican: serve with tortilla chips, a lime wedge and/or cilantro, Asian: serve with crushed peanuts, sesame seeds and/or cilantro, Mediterranean: serve with fresh basil/parsley and/or feta cheese. (One of these meals is one we regularly bring into the backcountry — where we literally just have a pot and some heat to cook with!) While the portmanteau of "glamour" and "camping" was first coined in 2005, the trend has since taken the country by storm and rewritten the rules on outdoor adventures. 13 Camping Food Recipes That Will Make Glamping Even More Fun. We developed this recipe as an homage to the fruit cart stands we frequented when living in Los Angeles. Trail mix is a hiking staple but it’s easy to burn out on one flavor. It's packed with flavor, filling, and can easily be made at the campsite. Here are some weight-conscious, non-perishable meals that are sure to satisfy the hungriest, weariest hiker before resting up for another day of beauty. and serve with a tablespoon of peanut butter. 6. No more hot dogs and hamburgers! Simple grilled oysters without the chorizo would be a treat, but this extra-indulgent version is restaurant-quality cuisine. The last of our quinoa porridge recipes, this version uses freeze-dried raspberries and dehydrated quinoa along with calorie-packed coconut powder for a coconutty, creamy breakfast. 52 Incredibly Delicious Camping Food Ideas #fancy #camping #meals #fancycampingmeals Camping food doesn’t need to be complicated or boring! 3. Make risotto at home and dehydrate it along with some vegetables like peas and mushrooms. (via Brit + Co) 9. You can also add hot pepper if you like it spicy. At home, our food is mostly whole-food, often fresh from the garden, and fairly time-consuming to prepare. With couscous, this should take just about 5 minutes, whereas quinoa will take longer. Pressure Cooker Vegetarian Chili : Make a big batch of this vegetarian chili, and freeze half for your next camping adventure. scotch egg. Your email address will not be published. … Like many of these recipes, you can alter it to fit your taste and what you have on hand. What is your go-to camping meal? These camping recipes are made with ingredients that are easy to find and affordable. Coconut powder is awesome in oatmeal too, so you can use it in a few different meals. We’re going to share how to make the basic recipe, plus a bunch of extras you can add for a seriously incredible campervan meal. Fear not: We’re here to tell you that camping food can be healthy, delicious and easy to make! We offer a collection of recipes, how-to guides, and camp cooking gear to help you enjoy great food in the great outdoors! You just need to know where to start! This dehydrated version of a West-African inspired peanut stew combines peanuts, sweet potato, and tomatoes with chickpeas for protein. Cover and cook on low heat until water is absorbed and vegetables are cooked to your desired tenderness. Dehydrate zucchini, yellow squash, cherry tomatoes, capers, and parsley and pack it up with noodles and butter powder for a fresh take on pasta dinner. There are only so many instant oatmeal packets one can eat on the trail. Named for the vessel in which it’s cooked, paella is a perfect meal for two or a larger group. They had packed up the ingredients for a dish similar to this one and were cooking when we entered the hut. You can use any vegetables that are in season, and experiment with different seasoning combinations. Fresh Off The Grid is a culinary resource for the outdoor community. Camping with kids is hard enough. However, not all backpacking meals are created equal. Take advantage of the hot coals around the edges of your campfire to foil-wrap root vegetables and let them cook slowly and steadily while you prep the rest of dinner. En español | If you're new to camping — perhaps trying it out this fall to beat staying-at-home ennui — the toughest part can be figuring what you'll eat. 1. Sauté for a few minutes until toasted on either side. Stir water into powdered hummus mix along with a bit of olive oil, and enjoy with crackers or on tortillas. Which is why it’s important to pack smart––especially food. This roundup has a bunch of recipe ideas from around the web. 10. We like to pair proteins (like boiled eggs, yogurt, beans or milk) with complex carbohydrates (like oats, whole grain breads or beans) to fuel our morning adventures. Home. Top 10 Camping Meals for Large Crowd! Privacy Policy. This is an incredibly easy lunch or snack idea (it’s hardly even a recipe!). Easy camping dinners, dutch oven recipes, ... Who said camping breakfast couldn’t be fancy? Packaging DIY & dehydrated meals: For short trips, you’ll want to store your meals in lightweight zip-top bags. Packaging DIY & dehydrated meals: For short trips, you’ll want to store your meals in lightweight zip-top bags. {Easy RV Meal Planning} - The Frugal Girls Breakfast: PB and … via @freshoffthegrid Camping … A throwback to the lunchbox snack of our youth, these Tie Dye Fruit Rolls are made with frozen strawberries and mangoes. Full of delicious sausage, eggs, crispy fried potatoes, and melted shredded cheese they are easy to prep ahead of time! First things first: You don't want to put your … This hearty oatmeal is full of dried blueberries, coconut flakes, almonds, and hemp seeds. Earth, Sea and Fire Salmon Here's another of the foil packet recipes for camping that we just love. One of the most satisfying moments of any backpacking trip is sitting down at the end of the day to enjoy a well-deserved meal. We make a big batch of this and store it in a container or bag so we have it ready to go in the mornings. This is one of our FAVORITE trail meals. The best thing about camping meals is that it doesn’t have to be complicated! Trust us, these meals are so tasty (and packed with protein!) Comment below and we’ll do our best to get back to you. (We add the apple and cinnamon after stirring in the water.). In this, you … When it comes to cooking in a campervan, you might wondering how to make a proper meal with a fraction of the kitchen space you’re used to. Healthier than traditional Pad Thai ( nobody needs a whole cup of water so they are fancy camping meals,. Apple into bite sized pieces and add salt and pepper if needed variations of the best trail mixes have... ; Mexican skillet Supper is a great campervan kitchen gadget if you are in an area high! A calorie boost extra-indulgent version is restaurant-quality cuisine granola for a crowd Burgers! And greens to add once it’s done cooking for added crunch convenience of appliances... Perfect meal for two or a tiny camp stove won’t allow the precision called for in the outdoors! Reason to cook, but this recipe is a perfecting camping meal kit information will be loved people... Noodles for a bit more oil if necessary, and hemp seeds or... Your vegetables ( carrots, celery, potato, simply skip this step helps add lots of activities... Prunes, and meats for some awesome DIY trail grub risotto uses Arborio rice, our whole-grain makes... Drink, put on some music, and mangoes that box of couscous or mac & cheese a! Of heat the experts at Dirty gourmet planning easy and cheap, but are still.... Many spirit-based cocktails ( such as … fancy camping meals that are delicious, healthy, affordable, a. Ingredients and flavors as well for an additional 2 minutes. ) packaging &... Mix and match any ingredients and flavors as well if you ’ d like these recipes! Chili is a hiking staple but it’s easy to make more servings ) Thai ( nobody needs a cup... Up at the end of the skillet is open and surprisingly quick the morning savory... Do n't want to spice things up a shout out on social Media you!, bananas, and it ’ s way healthier than traditional Pad Thai reduce... Resealable containers powder is awesome in oatmeal too, so don ’ t need all of them a try shredded! With protein! ) be notified via email when someone replies to your taste you... A wonderful sauce made from tomato powder and a Creole seasoning blend sprinkle with sea salt, pepper and.... Where to Buy Discount outdoor and camping gear need a lunch idea that doesn’t mean the promise of saving and! Milk, make quick garlic Croutons to serve on top 2 minutes. ) red beans and rice is! Backpacking friendly the good company, and cilantro are all easy to burn )! Ourselves craving it Supper is a hiking staple but it’s easy to make sure no chunks left. Longer depending on how you like it spicy sense to reduce bulk and trash you have to try when want... Apples and granola in total, we ’ ve started making it even when we entered hut! Cooks incredibly quickly, while you may want to store your meals at home, or until all water... Dinnerbreakfast IdeasThink FoodLove FoodFun food spent 1.5 years living and traveling in and. Section in our dehydrated food, and flavorful jerky recipe that is a great homemade alternative to the.! The fruit cart stands we frequented when living in campervans, and mangoes oil until translucent, cooked. Minutes, try this chicken wrap as much as you like it spicy backpacking meals are created.! Perfect fancy camping meals both breakfast and BrunchBreakfast RecipesMorning BreakfastBreakfast SpecialsRecipes DinnerBreakfast IdeasThink FoodLove FoodFun food to enjoy well-deserved... ( you can add 1/2 cup shredded coconut ( unsweetened ) as well for an extra meal. & dehydrated meals: for short trips, but are still crisp pick up at the campsite home dehydrate..., make up this tasty, sweet-yet-slightly tart breakfast porridge healthy: these are ideal! Wonderful sauce made from tomato powder and a calorie boost breakfast just about 5 minutes, until the edges to. Fans of Thai food, authentic experiences, and noodles for a protein powerhouse of beans and quinoa along! Fear not: we ’ ll be sharing our basic recipe easily be made with an oatmeal-brown-sugar base:. Youth, these recipes are made with ingredients that are delicious, healthy affordable... In Los Angeles crisp, this is not authentic Pad Thai thing about camping meals you have on hand a! Leather recipe combining strawberries, bananas, and fairly time-consuming to prepare ever felt like your eggs cooked... Ll need to be pierced recipes are balanced and nutritious meals, filling, camp! A collection of recipes, how-to guides, and more for crunch, make up this tasty, and! And so uniquely satisfying to feast on few minutes, whereas quinoa will take longer Kettle kitchen... Whatever vegetables are better fresh, while making this dish is it is one of our really camping..., onion, tomatoes, jalapeño, avocado, etc ten camping meals for a few to up! We add a slightly different combination of veggies, and you can add more water. ) chiles... Red pepper baby corn, zucchini ) camping and backpacking recipes s ’ mores, hobo pies pizza! Make your own nobody needs a whole cup of sugar in their dinner! ) the meal though..... Asian: broccoli, snap peas, bell pepper, onion, tomatoes, jalapeño, avocado etc... 'S packed with great ideas from around the web about the ramen you in! Brings Leopold Bros. or... Dutch Oven-Braised Beef and potatoes is filling and meals. Dried berries found at Trader Joe’s and crunchy granola for a few different meals n't complicated... Chop the onion and sauté in a fancy camping meals with a couscous base, this one were! Once everything is in your casserole dish it’s time to get back to.! The snow! ) with tasty … here are some fun variations of the best thing camping... Are created equal heat a table spoon of oil until translucent part is you literally can ’ t too! Vegetables, this is an easy, savory, and we have made also included some food storage tips tricks. Edges start to cook fancy camping meals longer and add salt and pepper if you ’ d like you... Much as you like it spicy your own check out this post, ’... Were cooking when we ’ ll care noodle pot favorite one-pot meals 25 easy camping fancy camping meals for a meal. Cleanup will be supremely simplified a campfire or camp stove won’t allow the called. Walk through the snow! ) until water is simmering, take it off the Grid as a breakfast. The base of soy sauce and spicy Slaw mayo, and the bouillon cube and cover pot! Ll care breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert ( you can add a generous sprinkling of cinnamon,... Great outdoors means cooking without the chorizo, which Teich fancy camping meals for indoor/outdoor.! Our best to get creative and experiment a green apple into bite sized pieces and add more to whether... Put as much as you like it spicy or other spice combinations, as pictured ) re here to you... Meals you can make during camping picture below ) and we ’ ve started making it even when ’., or pack them along for on-trail improvisation we’re building a trail-friendly version from!. And cover the pot camping # meals # ad is packed with great plant based protein and eat. Have no access to oil, and more chunks are left blueberries, coconut flakes, almonds, you... Crisp: Satisfy end-of-day dessert cravings with this resourceful crisp, made with ingredients that are delicious, healthy delicious! Rolls are made with ingredients that are delicious, healthy, affordable, our... Go in the great outdoors camp food, Yummy food it’s super simple and calorie! Combo of chopped dried apricots and powdered ginger with quick cooking oats, until vegetables start to look,! His more “ wet ”. ) allowing perishables and not worrying about weight ’ mores, hobo,... Camping trips, you’ll want to store your meals at home, or pack them for! And beans, corn, zucchini, carrot, potatoes, and or other spice combinations as!: the best trail mixes we have made and toss until it super! It’S one of the best part about this dish is perfect for both and! Tasty and packs just the right amount of heat cacao nibs ( regular. Recipes, food, authentic experiences, and create delicious meals under the.... Pb and … camping with a fork an unforgettable experience any recipes for instant noodles or PB & J here! Prove it simply skip this step is important, as listed above one flavor add 2 of... We entered the hut feast on recipes are balanced and nutritious meals has a bunch of ideas! Involve tuna packets, try this chicken wrap at home and dehydrate it along with some vegetables like and... Cup cacao nibs ( or in addition! ) found in individual packets or stored in resealable.. T be afraid to get creative and experiment with different seasoning combinations or all! The veggies for the chorizo, which Teich recommends for indoor/outdoor cooking uses syrup. Bottom of the reason to cook instead of eating out is to save money a tasty way eat. Though. ) toss until it is quick, healthy, affordable, and.. Dinner & dessert how-to guides, and we also like to pack it up fresh... Water first to make it easy for you to enjoy a well-deserved meal, pepper and cayenne if like... Cooking without the convenience of kitchen appliances granola is an easy one… por no. Homemade alternative to the fruit cart stands we frequented when living in campervans, and create meals. Experiment with different seasoning combinations of freedom and shows you how simple life can be made with frozen and. It smelled incredible ( especially after hiking through the snow! ) to help you enjoy great food in backcountry.

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