Willow – Sharp points on both ends, creating a fast but limited range rotation. Spinnerbaits for bass typically have one or more of the three most common blade types: Willow, Colorado, and Indiana blades. It’s one of the easiest lures to fish with because it doesn’t require any special presentation. The Ultimate Guide to Tanning Wild Game Pelts and Hides. Running a spinnerbait just under the surface so that the blade disturbs the surface is a very effective tactic. This blade is the middle ground between the two, so it works well in both scenarios. What kind of blade you have will determine how fast you need to retrieve it. A great way of triggering strikes when a straight retrieve isn’t doing the trick, is to every so often as you’re reeling give your rod a jerk to make the bait change up it’s repetitive action. Although bass don't typically focus on cover as much in the rain, vegetation is a little different. Find top brands like Mister Twister, Strike King, Z-Man, Lunker Lure & more. $8.99 to $9.99. That’s why we brought you this guide, and by the end of it, you’ll be ready to grab one (or two) for yourself. Best Jig: Rapala Terminator Pro JigBuy from Amazon Buy from Cabelas.com. This technique is almost like fishing a topwater lure. Your not going to be able to get these baits through thick cover, but spinnerbaits work exceptionally well in light cover like through grass and timber. The Rapala Teminator … These willow blades have a 360-degree rotation from the swivel, so it creates a great bright action if you’re fishing midday. Same is true for increasing the amount of blades on the spinnerbait. Spinnerbaits are a type of fishing bait that are well suited to catching bass. You can use a spinnerbait in a variety of fishing scenarios, but they work best in clear, shallow water that is less than 10 feet (3.0 m) deep. This is a good blade when your fishing different water depths and still zeroing in on where the bass are holding. A spinnerbait is called that because of the spinning rotation of the blades on the top of the lure. Booyah Baits are highly durable with a sharp hook making it easier to set the hook. Here are some very effective methods for fishing spinnerbaits. One of the best spinnerbait trailers to go along with this is a minnow. $10.99. Best Bass Fishing Lures is an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. The Indiana blade falls somewhere in between the Colorado blade and the Willow blade. The slowest moving spinnerbait blade is the Colorado blade. Shop spinnerbaits and buzz baits at Bass Pro Shops. This is a great tactic when bass are inactive and not chasing fast retrieves. This spinnerbait was . The jig head is typically dressed with a rubber skirt. You may have heard anglers refer to a tandem spinnerbait, which means it has a main blade combined with a secondary blade. The repetitive motion of a spinnerbait in a straight retrieve can be unappealing to bass when they’re inactive, seeing too many spinnerbaits, or when the conditions simply don’t call for it. Latest. Virgil is the grandfather of our founder and Editor-in-Chief. Bass often come up short when attempting to bite these fast moving lures, which you will begin to see once you catch a few bass on your trailer hook. Hunting. Free shipping . These two factors are heavily based on the style of spinnerbait blade you choose. This buzzbait is made using 55-strand bio-flex silicone in the skirt with a 4/0 ultra point hook to help the lure stay together and catch more bass. A heavy, worm-type rod often causes you to overreact when a strike occurs pulling the lure from the mouth of the bass. Whenever the lure is passing by something like a stump, you can change up the presentation and provoke the bass to strike. You should always be trying to cast them at targets like  along docks, rocks, and weed edges. This strategy is a great way to hone in on what you’re trying to accomplish. Crankbaits. Booyah Baits Covert Colorado Spinnerbait. – Oval shape with a point on one end. But you can get good results in deeper water too, especially if you see baitfish swirling on the surface and run the spinnerbait right through them. I wish they would offer more variety besides color. The most popular sizes for bass are 1/8-oz… Then you lift the rod tip up and lower it while reeling in the slack. Outlet Bait & Tackle is the best place to find unbelievable deals on overstock, discontinued, and inline fishing products. Spinnerbaits have been one of the best bass lures for decades, using flash and vibration to trigger the attention of bass. OB&T was founded in 2008 out of the great fishing state of Minnesota - the land of more lakes than anyone could ever wish for (10,000 is just a low estimate!) The size and style of the blade is going to determine how much water it displaces. Simply put, a spinnerbait is a wire that is bent at a ninety degree angle with a jig head on one end and a blade on the other. Narrow By . All three types spin and flutter to generate vibration and flash, but there are some subtle differences between them. Find great deals on eBay for bass spinner baits and bass spinner bait lot. And it’s so sensitive that bass are able to sense vibrations from several dozen yards away. The vibration is enough to get their attention. The strategy is a bit more challenging, and it requires some finesse, but it works. If you understand why bass strike, much of the time it’s not even because they want to eat or they’re feeding, it’s because you’ve aggravated them enough to get them to bite. Fishing beneath the surface is a great method when you’re fishing shallow water along the shore when there is a lot of greenery. Survival. Shop freshwater and saltwater fishing lures, soft baits, hard baits, buzzbaits, lure kits, and more online at Bass Pro Shops. Sign up to receive emails with great bass lure tips! A trailer hook is simply an additional hook attached to the back end of the lure. By this point, you should see that having the best spinnerbait is nothing without the right spinnerbait tips to go along with it. You’ll have to keep the rod tip up high as you reel to keep the bait up close to the surface. – Sharp points on both ends, creating a fast but limited range rotation. A lot of times this can be the difference between a bass instantly attacking it or slowly investigating it. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. The big, almost round blades are Colorado blades. Bass don’t feed as much at night, so they’re not looking for a fight. If it wasn’t for jigs, crankbaits would probably hold the crown for best “year-round bait.” By … You need to know how to fish these lures if you expect to have success, but luckily, they’re very easy. Spinnerbaits come in a variety of different weights, but the most popular weight for a spinnerbait is in the three-eighths to half an ounce range. designed to catch and hold up against trophy-sized fish. By randomly jerking the rod tip your making the bait’s behavior seem more unpredictable, making a curious bass more likely to attack it. 911CustomLures finishes this spinnerbait … Your email address will not be published. This cover is supposed to help imitate a fish, and it covers the hook to make it look less suspicious. Best Jig: BiCO Original Lead Free Bass Jig. A deeper cup to the blade will keep it spinning even at slow speeds, so these are great for slow-rolling on the bottom or even just keeping it at a certain depth. This lure is beloved by tournament bass anglers everywhere, and even though they don’t have a natural baitfish appearance like swimbaits or crankbaits, they’ll clean house at any freshwater pond. This is when a bass reacts to the sudden random movement of a lure by attacking it. Different to their jerkbait and swimbait counterparts, which strongly mimic typical bass prey, spinnerbaits hardly look “natural” but that doesn’t … Here’s another one I recommend fishing at dusk or right after it gets dark. I'm not sure. 911CustomLures Hidden Weight Spinnerbaits are a compact style bait. Crankbaits look like baitfish or crawfish, two of the favorite foods of bass, and come in … Bending it open to a wider angle will slow the bait down and narrower will increase the speed. New materials like tin bodies, high-tech UV paint schemes, and better component manufacturing processes make the newer spinnerbaits deadlier-than-ever. May 29, 2020. I usually fish just one blade if it’s a Colorado blade. Spinnerbaits are hands-down one of the most reliable lures for catching bass no matter where they take up residence. Bass will be relying more on their lateral lines than their eyes for find prey. The purpose of these multi-blade designs is to create more vibration and flash, while combining the advantages of the different style blades in to one spinnerbait. A great alternative to bright colored skirts, Single blade creates less reflection (only a drawback during the day). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A trailer hook is basically just another hook that you’ll run through the existing hook on the jig head. They all work the same way by spinning to create flash and vibration in the water. Keep repeating this, and it will create a lot of noise and vibration in the water. The biggest advantage to using spinnerbaits for bass fishing is that they can be fished shallow or deep and during many different times of the year. Jerking the rod like this creates what is called a reaction bite. If you’re trying to fish right below the surface, you’ll want one of these blades. The color of this spinnerbait skirt is meant to mimic a dying baitfish. So to be truly effective spinnerbait fishing, you are going to need more than one style blade in your spinnerbait box. 10PCS Fishing Spinner Spoon Bait 6.8cm/7.4g Metal Crankbait Lures Bass Trout. These blades are ideal for fishing shallow water or when you want to run the bait just below the surface. The yoyo method works well if the bass aren’t biting, but you’ll want to use a willow blade for this. They make a high-quality bait that not only gets the attention of the bass you’re trying to catch, but it lasts a long time as well. Bass lures come in so many different colors, styles, shapes and purposes, that it is hard to not want one of each. Willow-leaf blades are long and narrow, and they’re designed to move through the water quickly. This multi-pack features five different spinnerbait options. Bass on spinnerbait. Bass have a line of modified scales that are sensitive to vibrations in the water known as the lateral line. The best spinnerbait for bass consists of one or two flashing “blades,” a jig head, and a skirt to cover the hook. Spinnerbaits have been one of the best bass lures for decades, using flash and vibration to trigger the attention of bass. Naturally, the weight of the spinnerbait is going to have an effect on the running depth as well. Booyah is one of the most popular names you’ll hear of when it comes to spinnerbaits. It will hang off the end and offer a little more real estate for the bass to strike so you can set the hook easier. I know this isn’t a spinnerbait; it’s a buzzbait. They’re in the same family of lures, and I think these clean up the best for largemouth, so I had to throw it in here at the end. Your Bass Guy is dedicated to Virgil and it is our hope that it spreads the love he had for bass fishing to others, so they can find as much joy in it as he did. Survival. After the lure enters the water, give it a little "pop" to get the blades moving. To increase and decrease the speed of retrieval, aside from adjusting reel speed and blade style, you can bend the wire frame wider or narrower than the original ninety degrees. 23 Products . The black is an ideal choice at dusk, and you can fish the murkiest of waters with this lure because it relies on sound rather than visibility. The best spinnerbait for bass consists of one or two flashing “blades,” a jig head, and a skirt to cover the hook. All you need to do is give the rod a little jerk every so often as you’re retrieving it. They are relatively easy to fish, and fairly weed- and tangle-free when retrieved around cover and obstructions. The wire has a secondary benefit of functioning as a weed guard, making the lure somewhat weedless. It’s hard to beat a spinnerbait with a Colorado blade when fishing in shallow, murky water. $4.99 . Tournament anglers reveal their favorite baits for catching huge summer largemouths. Using a Colorado blade will also help keep the bait up. The heavier the weighted head of the bait is the faster it is going to sink down in the water column. Fishing this spinnerbait for bass in murky water is a great choice because of the bright color and impressive action. Basically you let the spinnerbait sink to the bottom right off the cast. revive the Roland Martin Big Bass Spinnerbait. Always fish the spinnerbai… Another characteristic of a spinnerbait is the skirt that hangs off. As well as keep it higher up in the water column. The two most important factors you need to consider when selecting a spinnerbait is the retrieve speed and depth you’re looking to achieve. Tight lines! The spinnerbait comes in many different sizes and colors, making it a versatile fishing lure. But it is smart, if you're into modifying lures, to leave the skirt long enough to completely cover (by no more than 1 to 1 1/2" in dark water and 1/2" in clear water) a primary and a trailer hook if being used. The way that I’ve always preferred fishing spinnerbaits is just beneath the surface. The best time to jerk the rod is right when the lure is passing by some sort of cover like a rock or log. That’s the beauty of a spinnerbait, they produce their own action. It takes the attributes from both blades and combines them in to a single blade, creating more of an oval shape. The jig head is typically dressed with a rubber skirt. Of course there’s more to it if you want to become an expert in all conditions with these lures. Drone Fishing: What Is It and Is It Ethical. Bass Spinnerbait,6 Pcs Fishing Lures Spinner Baits,Fishing Hard Spinner Lures, Bass Trout Salmon H… Spinnerbaits are popular bass fishing lures, especially for shallow-water angling, but can be used in deeper water and for a few other freshwater species besides bass. Once you’ve got it all together, go ahead and look into the options a bit more. Each style has their own strengths and weaknesses that either make them better or worse in certain conditions. This page is all about spinnerbaits, including how to select them and how to fish them. The more water displacement there is, the slower it is going to move through the water. The blades on spinnerbaits put out a ton of vibrations in the water, and these vibrations are easily detected by bass through their unique sensing ability. These guys share the majority of the audience when it comes to spinnerbaits for bass. That’s when different techniques should be implemented that better fit the conditions. The Willow blade is long and skinny, designed to cut through the water much faster than any of the other blade styles. A spinnerbait isn’t just one specific lure, but more of an umbrella term for lures with a … What makes one style blade different from the next is the shape. Best Fish Finder GPS Combos: Top Six GPS and Chart Plotting Choices, 7 Best Kayak Fish Finders for New and Experienced Anglers. Underneath all the smoke and mirrors is a standard jig head (usually). The bait uses premium materials like stainless steel wire, durable skirt, and two blades. This new version features an … They also work well in low visibility water right after a rainstorm when there is a lot of runoff. Being able to cast and reel spinnerbaits in a straight retrieve effectively, make them great for covering a lot of water and trying to locate fish. … The good news is, they’re much easier to use than they look. Sort & Filter . … Understand the different types of spinnerbait blades and how they impact the presentation. Your email address will not be published. But there are a few other ways to entice bites than with a simple straight retrieve. Do bass really pay much attention to whether a spinnerbait skirt is 1/4" or even 1/2" shorter or longer than another? Tomahawks Are Back: These American Relics Have Seen a Resurgence in Military and Survival Situations. $7.49 . Spinnerbaits work their best when you have a slight cloud cover and ripples on the water. Zoom Worm Bass Soft Plastic. The essential Guide to spinnerbaits for bass fishing Spinnerbaits are a very effective bass fishing lure used by many anglers, both pros and weekend warriors. The best spinnerbait color will help mimic a dying fish, and this one does exactly that. In appearance, the main difference between the blade types is … But that said, you don’t want a bass to get a good look at a spinnerbait because of how unnatural they appear. Brown. 10pcs Fishing Lures Spinnerbaits Bass Trout Salmon Hard Metal Spinner baits Box. Spinnerbaits, with their unique flash and vibration, are a broad family of lures well loved by bass anglers all over the world. Zoom trick worms are 6.75 inches long and come with 20 per pack.

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