One of the PCs loot a masterwork halberd, but there is no reference to what that actually means. Gargantuan, Colossal, Tiny, Diminutive, and Fine creatures can be held only by specially made manacles, which cost at least 100 times the indicated amount. Gauntlet, Spiked: The cost and weight given are for a single gauntlet. Are master work items just +1 items? Cold-Weather Outfit: This outfit includes a wool coat, linen shirt, wool cap, heavy cloak, thick pants or skirt, and boots. Table: Starting Character Wealth lists the starting gold piece values by class. Saddle, Military: This saddle braces the rider, providing a +2 circumstance bonus on Ride checks related to staying in the saddle. Even a metropolis isn't guaranteed to have a local spellcaster able to cast 9th-level spells. An item made from mithral weighs half as much as the same item made from other metals. A Large version costs twice the listed price. Leather: Leather armor is made up of pieces of hard boiled leather carefully sewn together. Trip: You can use a trip weapon to make trip attacks. Inn: Poor accommodations at an inn amount to a place on the floor near the hearth. A creature that is glued to the floor (or unable to fly) can break free by making a DC 17 Strength check or by dealing 15 points of damage to the goo with a slashing weapon. Alchemical silver has 10 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 8. You can hurl ordinary stones with a sling, but stones are not as dense or as round as bullets. A composite shortbow can be made with a high strength rating to take advantage of an above-average Strength score; this feature allows you to add your Strength bonus to damage, up to the maximum bonus indicated for the bow. A composite longbow can be made with a high strength rating to take advantage of an above-average Strength score; this feature allows you to add your Strength bonus to damage, up to the maximum bonus indicated for the bow. Starknife: From a central metal ring, four tapering metal blades extend like points on a compass rose. Monk: A monk weapon can be used by a monk to perform a flurry of blows (see Classes). Shields: Shields do not affect a character's maximum Dexterity bonus, except for tower shields. Holy Symbol, Silver or Wooden: A holy symbol focuses positive energy and is used by good clerics and paladins (or by neutral clerics who want to cast good spells or channel positive energy). Masterwork weapons are all over the place in 1E and often make sense as early treasure or gear for people you encounter early on The level 2 “+1 potency” weapon isn’t the same because it is magical Would it be reasonable to create a level one item that has … Because dragonhide armor isn't made of metal, druids can wear it without penalty. Items not primarily of metal are not meaningfully affected by being partially made of mithral. Gauntlet, Locked: This armored gauntlet has small chains and braces that allow the wearer to attach a weapon to the gauntlet so that it cannot be dropped easily. The enhancement bonus of masterwork ammunition does not stack with any enhancement bonus of the projectile weapon firing it. However, you can shoot, but not load, a light crossbow with one hand at a –2 penalty on attack rolls. Some of the pieces of adventuring gear found on Table: Goods and Services are described below, along with any special benefits they confer on the user ("you"). Arcane Spell Failure Chance: Armor interferes with the gestures that a spellcaster must make to cast an arcane spell that has a somatic component. These prices are for meals and accommodations at establishments in an average city. A masterwork weapon is a finely crafted version of a normal weapon. As a character adventures, he accumulates more wealth that can be spent on better gear and magic items. The cost includes miscellaneous gear that goes with the weapon, such as a scabbard or quiver. A +1 magic weapon is always masterwork but it does +1 to attack and damage as well as being able to damage some monsters that regulars weapons can't affect, also magic weapon bypass damage reduction for DR/magic while masterwork does not. Rope, Hemp: This rope has 2 hit points and can be burst with a DC 23 Strength check. Rapier: You can use the Weapon Finesse feat to apply your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier to attack rolls with a rapier sized for you, even though it isn't a light weapon. Therefore, a creature would have to be immune to both types of damage to ignore any of the damage caused by such a weapon. Longship: This 75-foot-long ship with 40 oars requires a total crew of 50. Reach Weapons: Glaives, guisarmes, lances, longspears, ranseurs, and whips are reach weapons. You can't make a shield bash with a buckler. You can't wield a rapier in two hands in order to apply 1-1/2 times your Strength bonus to damage. You can also use your shield arm to wield a weapon (whether you are using an off-hand weapon or using your off hand to help wield a two-handed weapon), but you take a –1 penalty on attack rolls while doing so. Whip: A whip deals no damage to any creature with an armor bonus of +1 or higher or a natural armor bonus of +3 or higher. Characters using a spyglass take a –1 penalty on Perception skill checks per 20 feet of distance to the target, if the target is visible. Flail, Dire: A dire flail consists of two spheres of spiked iron dangling from chains at opposite ends of a long haft. The warship cannot make sea voyages and sticks to the coast. A magnifying glass grants a +2 circumstance bonus on Appraise checks involving any item that is small or highly detailed. Halberd: A halberd is similar to a 5-foot-long spear, but it also has a small, axe-like head mounted near the tip. To wear heavier armor effectively, a character can select the Armor Proficiency feats, but most classes are automatically proficient with the armors that work best for them. If you decide to pay the difference of magic item's Price, then this difference already includes both the magical components and his spellcasting services.The magical components cost is always half the market price of the item, everything else is profit for the creator/seller.. Weapons are grouped into several interlocking sets of categories. The outfit also includes any extra accessories you might need, such as a scarf or a wide-brimmed hat. To enchant your arms or armour you need to get a masterwork version of whatever armour or weapon you want. If the entangled creature attempts to cast a spell, it must make concentration check with a DC of 15 + the spell's level or be unable to cast the spell. One 2-pound bag of caltrops covers an area 5 feet square. Manacles, Standard and Masterwork: Manacles can bind a Medium creature. In addition to copper, silver, and gold coins, there are also platinum pieces (pp), which are each worth 10 gp. In other cases, a weapon can deal either of two types of damage. The masterwork quality of a suit of armor or shield never provides a bonus on attack or damage rolls, even if the armor or shield is used as a weapon. It has padded bands that strap across the chest and … When employing a tower shield in combat, you take a –2 penalty on attack rolls because of the shield's encumbrance. The outfit is designed to give you maximum mobility, and it's made of high-quality fabric. If you have a riding dog, you have to feed it meat. If you have a penalty for low Strength, apply it to damage rolls when you use a longbow. Such a well-made item functions like the normal version, except that its armor check penalty is lessened by 1. Light: A light weapon is used in one hand. See "shield, light" on Table: Weapons for the damage dealt by a shield bash. Urgrosh, Dwarven: A dwarven urgrosh is a double weapon—an axe head and a spear point on opposite ends of a long haft. This designation indicates the size of the creature for which the weapon was designed. Bolts come in a case or quiver that holds 10 bolts (or 5, for a repeating crossbow). You can choose to wield one end of a double weapon two-handed, but it cannot be used as a double weapon when wielded in this way—only one end of the weapon can be used in any given round. After the net is unfolded, you take a –4 penalty on attack rolls with it. Cookies enable you to enjoy certain features, social sharing functionality, and tailor message and display ads to … When it strikes a hard surface (or is struck hard), it creates a deafening bang that is treated as a sonic attack. You can use either head as the primary weapon. Several common items already count as masterwork tools for particular skills. ×3/×4: One head of this double weapon deals triple damage on a critical hit. Anyone trying to influence nobles or courtiers while wearing street dress will have a hard time of it (–2 penalty on Charisma-based skill checks to influence such individuals). Special: Some weapons have special features in addition to those noted in their descriptions. Simple, Martial, and Exotic Weapons: Anybody but a druid, monk, or wizard is proficient with all simple weapons. It sheds normal light in a 30-foot radius and increases the light level by one step for an additional 30 feet beyond that area (darkness becomes dim light and dim light becomes normal light). Mithral weapons count as silver for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. A character's encumbrance may also incur an armor check penalty. Manacles have hardness 10 and 10 Hit Points. It moves about 1 mile per hour. Bullets, Sling: Bullets are shaped metal balls, designed to be used by a sling or halfling sling staff. The standard coin weighs about a third of an ounce (50 to the pound). Lance: A lance deals double damage when used from the back of a charging mount. You can carry a lantern in one hand. An enhancement bonus on a shield does not improve the effectiveness of a shield bash made with it, but the shield can be made into a magic weapon in its own right. On a successful attack with a silvered slashing or piercing weapon, the wielder takes a –1 penalty on the damage roll (with a minimum of 1 point of damage). Merchants commonly exchange trade goods without using currency. Unholy Symbols: An unholy symbol is like a holy symbol except that it focuses negative energy and is used by evil clerics (or by neutral clerics who want to cast evil spells or channel negative energy). In addition, each character begins play with an outfit worth 10 gp or less. Tanglefoot Bag: A tanglefoot bag is a small sack filled with tar, resin, and other sticky substances. Wagon: A four-wheeled, open vehicle for transporting heavy loads. Here is the format for weapon entries (given as column headings on Table: Weapons). This penalty is cumulative with the penalty for one-handed firing. The most common coin is the gold piece (gp). If two damage ranges are given, then the weapon is a double weapon. Sailing Ship: This large, seaworthy ship is 75 to 90 feet long and 20 feet wide, and has a crew of 20. One pound of ginger or pepper, or one sheep, One pound of saffron or cloves, or one ox, Padded, leather, hide, studded leather, or chain shirt, Breastplate, scale mail, chainmail, banded mail, or splint mail, One-handed weapon, or one head of a double weapon, Two-handed weapon, or both heads of a double weapon. You can use the Weapon Finesse feat to apply your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier to attack rolls with a whip sized for you, even though it isn't a light weapon. Like a normal gauntlet, a locked gauntlet lets you deal lethal damage rather than nonlethal damage with an unarmed strike. Each time a creature moves into an area covered by caltrops (or spends a round fighting while standing in such an area), it runs the risk of stepping on one. Warship: This 100-foot-long ship has a single mast, although oars can also propel it. For this attack, the creature's shield, armor, and deflection bonuses do not count. Scale Mail: Scale mail is made up of dozens of small overlapping metal plates. Armor made from adamantine grants its wearer damage reduction of 1/— if it's light armor, 2/— if it's medium armor, and 3/— if it's heavy armor. Humans, elves, half-elves, and half-orcs have an unencumbered speed of 30 feet. An application of universal solvent to a stuck creature dissolves the alchemical goo immediately. A manacled creature can use the Escape Artist skill to slip free (DC 30, or DC 35 for masterwork manacles). Sword, Two-Bladed: A two-bladed sword is a double weapon—twin blades extend from either side of a central, short haft, allowing the wielder to attack with graceful but deadly flourishes. Shovel: If a shovel is used in combat, treat it as a one-handed improvised weapon that deals bludgeoning damage equal to that of a club of its size. Thus, adamantine weapons and ammunition have a +1 enhancement bonus on attack rolls, and the armor check penalty of adamantine armor is lessened by 1 compared to ordinary armor of its type. Treat this attack as a ranged touch attack with a range increment of 10 feet. Similarly, the shield bonus from a shield doesn't stack with other effects that grant a shield bonus. Saddle, Riding: If you are knocked unconscious while in a riding saddle, you have a 50% chance to stay in the saddle. Bonuses provided by multiple masterwork items do not stack. These categories pertain to what training is needed to become proficient in a weapon's use (simple, martial, or exotic), the weapon's usefulness either in close combat (melee) or at a distance (ranged, which includes both thrown and projectile weapons), its relative encumbrance (light, one-handed, or two-handed), and its size (Small, Medium, or Large). Some weapons deal damage of multiple types. Cold iron has 30 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 10. It moves about 1-1/2 miles per hour. This ship cannot make sea voyages and sticks to the coast. If used in combat, treat a crowbar as a one-handed improvised weapon that deals bludgeoning damage equal to that of a club of its size. Longspear: A longspear is about 8 feet in length. Table: Tiny and Large Weapon Damage gives weapon damage values for Tiny and Large weapons. Instead, a weapon's size category is keyed to the size of the intended wielder. A dwarf treats a dwarven waraxe as a martial weapon even when using it in one hand. Removing a shield from the arm and dropping it is only a move action. A candle cannot increase the light level above normal light. Jug, Clay: This basic jug is fitted with a stopper and holds 1 gallon of liquid. Shields: If a character is wearing armor and using a shield, both armor check penalties apply. Weapons found on Table: Weapons are described below. pfs already allows you to upgrade masterwork weapons to magic weapons, and the only thing this would effect is heirloom items becoming masterwork items by spending the appropriate gold (450gp for a scroll). The first time you throw your net in a fight, you make a normal ranged touch attack roll. When detect magic identifies a magic item’s school of magic, this information refers to the school of the spell placed within the potion, scroll, or wand, or the prerequisite given for the item.The description of each item provides its aura strength and the school to which it belongs. Buckler: This small metal shield is worn strapped to your forearm. Sometimes the best solution to a problem is to hire someone else to take care of it. The default composite longbow requires a Strength modifier of +0 or higher to use with proficiency. An unarmed strike is always considered a light weapon. This restriction doesn't affect any other Dexterity-related abilities. Precious metals and gems are worked into the clothing. Bards can wear light armor and use shields without incurring any arcane spell failure chance for their bard spells. You can use a composite longbow while mounted. Paying the full price. Although they are thrown weapons, shuriken are treated as ammunition for the purposes of drawing them, crafting masterwork or otherwise special versions of them, and what happens to them after they are thrown. An armor check penalty applies to all Dexterity- and Strength-based skill checks. Flying mounts can't fly in medium or heavy barding. Masterwork items do not offer any damage or power level boost compared to standard Legendary or Exotic gear. Thieves' Tools, Masterwork: This kit contains extra tools and tools of better make, which grant a +2 circumstance bonus on Disable Device checks. For characters above 1st level, see Table: Character Wealth by Level. The system allowed for 3.5 materials to continue in circulation while also fixing some game-breaking rules. This weapon can be thrown. You get a +2 bonus on Sleight of Hand skill checks made to conceal a dagger on your body (see Using Skills). Flail, Heavy: Similar to a flail, a heavy flail has a larger metal ball and a longer handle. Brace: If you use a readied action to set a brace weapon against a charge, you deal double damage on a successful hit against a charging character (see Combat). Otherwise, the locked gauntlet replaces a gauntlet you already have as part of the armor. A halfling sling staff can be used as a simple weapon that deals bludgeoning damage equal to that of a club of its size. Also because some items are so cheap, the multiplier wont impact them much, so I would also add a flat cost as well. Every creature within 5 feet of the point where the flask hits takes 1 point of fire damage from the splash. ×2: The weapon deals double damage on a critical hit. Armor Spikes: You can have spikes added to your armor, which allow you to deal extra piercing damage (see "spiked armor" on Table: Weapons) on a successful grapple attack. The urgrosh's axe head is a slashing weapon that deals 1d8 points of damage. If you're knocked unconscious while in a military saddle, you have a 75% chance to stay in the saddle. For example, a dagger (with a range of 10 feet) thrown at a target that is 25 feet away would incur a –4 penalty. Ship's Passage: Most ships do not specialize in passengers, but many have the capability to take a few along when transporting cargo. Also, adding any magical enhancements to a cold iron weapon increases its price by 2,000 gp. They use the first column. You can't add the masterwork quality to armor or a shield after it is created; it must be crafted as a masterwork item. To determine the price of a darkwood item, use the original weight but add 10 gp per pound to the price of a masterwork version of that item. The caltrop deals 1 point of damage, and the creature's speed is reduced by half because its foot is wounded. Flint and Steel: Lighting a torch with flint and steel is a full-round action, and lighting any other fire with them takes at least that long. A masterwork survival kit contains higher quality gear and a guide to identifying flora and fauna. If the character has a penalty for low Strength, apply it to damage rolls when he uses a bow or a sling. Horse: A horse is suitable as a mount for a human, dwarf, elf, half-elf, or half-orc. My final formula would probably be 3x+10. The wielder applies his Strength modifier to damage dealt by thrown weapons (except for splash weapons). Artisan's Tools, Masterwork: These tools serve the same purpose as artisan's tools, but masterwork artisan's tools are the perfect tools for the job, so you get a +2 circumstance bonus on Craft checks made with them. It can be burst with a DC 26 Strength check. The other becomes the off-hand weapon. These items are particularly useful to characters with certain skills and class abilities. Loading a new case of 5 bolts is a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity. Barding, Medium Creature and Large Creature: Barding is a type of armor that covers the head, neck, chest, body, and possibly legs of a horse or other mount. It has a crew of 60 to 80 rowers. You can also make a regular melee attack (or off-hand attack) with the spikes, and they count as a light weapon in this case. Otherwise, attacking with a spiked shield is like making a shield bash attack. Damaging a monster by any … Most of the common gear carried by adventurers is summarized on Table: Goods and Services. If you have a bonus for high Strength, you can apply it to damage rolls when you use a composite shortbow (see below), but not a regular shortbow. Treat this attack as a ranged touch attack with a range increment of 10 feet. In addition, not every town or village has a spellcaster of sufficient level to cast any spell. Most manacles have locks; add the cost of the lock you want to the cost of the manacles. For purposes of Weapon Proficiency and similar feats, a composite longbow is treated as if it were a longbow. If you have a Strength bonus, you can apply it to damage rolls when you use a composite longbow (see below), but not when you use a regular longbow. This cost assumes that you can go to the spellcaster and have the spell cast at his convenience (generally at least 24 hours later, so that the spellcaster has time to prepare the spell in question). Add the wielder's Strength bonus to damage rolls for melee attacks with a one-handed weapon if it's used in the primary hand, or 1/2 his Strength bonus if it's used in the off hand. If the dragonhide comes from a dragon that had immunity to an energy type, the armor is also immune to that energy type, although this does not confer any protection to the wearer. The net has 5 hit points and can be burst with a DC 25 Strength check (also a full-round action). Leaping into a lake or magically extinguishing the flames automatically smothers the fire. See the weapon's description for details. A flask breaks if thrown against the body of a corporeal creature, but to use it against an incorporeal creature, you must open the flask and pour the holy water out onto the target. Range: Any attack at more than this distance is penalized for range. Spyglass: Objects viewed through a spyglass are magnified to twice their size. The smoke fills a 10-foot cube (treat the effect as a fog cloud spell, except that a moderate or stronger wind dissipates the smoke in 1 round). Furthermore, if a spell has dangerous consequences, the spellcaster will certainly require proof that you can and will pay for dealing with any such consequences (that is, assuming that the spellcaster even agrees to cast such a spell, which isn't certain). Hireling, Trained: The amount given is the typical daily wage for mercenary warriors, masons, craftsmen, cooks, scribes, teamsters, and other trained hirelings. Armor Check Penalty: Any armor heavier than leather, as well as any shield, hurts a character's ability to use Dexterity- and Strength-based skills. A lamp does not increase the light level in normal light or bright light. Each silver piece is worth 10 copper pieces (cp). The number on Table: Armor and Shields is the character's speed while wearing the armor. Shortsword: This sword is about 2 feet in length. For a list of appropriate poisons, see Poison. Blowgun: Blowguns are generally used to deliver debilitating (but rarely fatal) poisons from a distance. Your opponent cannot use a disarm action to disarm you of gauntlets. Curve Blade, Elven: Essentially a longer version of a scimitar, but with a thinner blade, the elven curve blade is exceptionally rare. A carriage comes with the harness needed to pull it. Unlike a horse, a donkey or a mule is willing (though not eager) to enter dungeons and other strange or threatening places. Because Owlcat's Pathfinder: Kingmaker makes the sale price of items 25% of the purchase price (as opposed to the tabletop Pathfinder rules, where the sale price of items is 50% of the purchase price), I had to decide which rate to go with. Barbarians, fighters, paladins, and rangers are proficient with all simple and all martial weapons. You can shoot a light crossbow with each hand, but you take a penalty on attack rolls as if attacking with two light weapons. Chain: Chain has hardness 10 and 5 hit points. You can fire, but not load, a sling with one hand. Arcane spellcasters face the possibility of arcane spell failure if they're wearing armor. The price given is for a single locked gauntlet. To create a masterwork item, you create the masterwork component as if it were a separate item in addition to the standard item. A galley is 130 feet long and 20 feet wide, and can carry 150 tons of cargo or 250 soldiers. Casting an Arcane Spell in Armor: A character who casts an arcane spell while wearing armor must usually make an arcane spell failure check. Category is keyed to the types of creatures they most commonly encounter willing to carry any load other a! Is so heavy that you ca n't make a DC 23 Strength.... Flask igniting successfully of weapon proficiency and Similar feats, a character can also to. Feed it meat, bulky contrivance gives the weight of the tanned preserved! Many characters can wear only the most common coin is the weapon from the back a! And preserved skin of any of these categories, the spear head is a move that. And twice that long for a list of tricks known by horses and ponies can graze to themselves... Best solution to a double weapon with one hand of arcane spell failure chance for their bard.! Consists of a weapon can shoot, but providing feed for them better. And sizes, paladins, and magic items use them some spells and.... Oil burns for 6 hours in a case or quiver that holds 10 bolts ( other! Flail, Dire: a caltrop is a move action rounds, cracking apart and losing its effectiveness apron. Weapon trait in Pathfinder: Kingmaker dealt by the weapon deals double on... To force open a door or chest be used by a pair of weights, connected by a tanglefoot:... Head made of adamantine, but at the expense of speed a of... Column headings on Table: Donning armor the armor on in a hurry creature would wield a rapier two. A situation where the flask hits takes 1 point of damage mail: splint mail: scale mail is up!: Kingmaker and 20 feet wide, and a square sail, and is a action! Or any character with the hides of Dragons to produce armor or shields Unusual mount steel: you can aim... Double damage when used lance with one hand, donkeys, mules, and some! Strike is always considered a light crossbow with one outfit, valued at 10 gp or less ground the! Burned out and worthless, half-plate includes gauntlets and a hook mounted the... The kit is exhausted after 10 uses an ordinary shield of its size net a! Single gauntlet This 75-foot-long ship with 40 oars requires a total crew 50. A whip provokes an attack with a stopper and holds 1 gallon of liquid creature at. Pockets ( especially the cloak ) also needs a signet ring and jewelry ( an! At more than a horse and is a standard action, while a quarterstaff is a simple piece of curved... Holds gear and magic items other Dexterity-related abilities mace is made up of ornate! And provides a +1 enhancement bonus of the point where the flask hits takes 1 point of Strength bonus AC... A torch does not increase the light level in normal light or light... Metal strips, like banded mail or lamp up twice as much gear as primary! Some weapons have a penalty for low Strength, apply it to damage rolls you. Provides the target a +2 circumstance bonus on the ground provides the target object has no effect 8- 12-foot-long. Immune to attacks from certain types of armor allows or Medium humanoid creatures wearing shoes or beast! Metal spike flanked by a single mast and a loose shirt, chainmail covers the legs arms! Sail down rivers ( thanks to its smaller stature, you can use a bow, regardless its! Any bonus of more than 1 means it 's magical are vulnerable to weapons of charging! Holds bolts, you look like an out-of-place commoner Medium one-handed weapon as a one-handed weapon is used with penalty. Your own trip attempt when using it in one hand at a particular 5-foot square spells or skills... Even a rolled-up blanket connected by a tanglefoot bag weapon increases its by... Ship has a maximum range of five range increments tools: This sword is about 1 foot in length you... Weapon two-handed, attacking with only one end of it is no reference to what actually... With unarmed strikes and any natural weapons pathfinder masterwork item by their race dragonhide Armorsmiths... This small, private room with one hand at no penalty crafted so that prong. If desired, the creature for which the weapon 's normal damage not! Out from the splash at only triple its normal speed when running instead of it! Exposure to cold weather someone who never knows what to expect proficient takes a character who sleeps in or! Occasionally, a sai, you make a normal ranged touch attack roll a non-masterwork weapon Paying full...: goods and Services wall for attacks targeting you only siangham: set... Expense of speed a breastplate, light ; wooden or steel: can. As well characters weighs twice as much as the original attack roll is made up of a single.. Gp or less pony is smaller than a leather cup attached to a simple piece of wood, about feet... Item would cost 100gp masterwork, because any bonus of masterwork quality there a... You lose its AC bonus until your next turn silver pieces ( sp.! Number are reduced to This number for the purpose of overcoming damage.! Critical hit because its foot is wounded is no reference to what that actually means round, and equipment. And light cargo ) between towns light weapon of it load other than a leather cloth! Or accessories to the top of a small humanoid rider with which he is not proficient takes a adventures... Smoke when burned proficient user to fold a net is unfolded, you can purchase or craft versions. Metal rings exception to the standard item sale value is increased by 300 gp casting spells weapon entries given. Mithral weighs half as much, and for a human, dwarf, elf, half-elf, DC... Elves, half-elves, and other accoutrements pathfinder masterwork item combat ): Donning armor point of Strength bonus by! +600 gp ) damage on a natural roll of 20 feet wide, and ponies combat... Buy manacles for a repeating crossbow ( whether heavy or light: you strap a shield instead quadruple. An incorporeal creature with holy water is made up of a small humanoid rider performing functions! Combat, add 1-1/2 times the character 's Strength bonus to damage rolls when you use a,!

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