This year might have been one of Hip Hop’s biggest years in a long time. Album of the year -- Babel WINNER Rock performance -- “I Will Wait” -- Mumford & Sons Rock song -- “I Will Wait”: Ted Dwane, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall & Marcus Mumford, Songwriters Thebe’s album debuted at number 5 on the Billboard 200 with 49,000 sales in the US. As with The Champ, Jay no longer has the option of going out in a blaze of glory like his pal Chris Wallace, whose epic public funeral he evokes on “F.U.T.W.” Instead, he’s determined to set up a legacy -- to turn the “new blacks with new stacks” into a lasting societal force. The 19 tracks seem to warp into a continuous stream that allows each song to stand out on its own while not deviating from the general concept of the tape. En 2013, le scénariste Ghostface Killah s’associe à Adrian Younge afin de créer leur propre film musical : 12 Reasons to Die. #StillMovin’, who is honored on the penultimate track, “#LongLiveSteelo”, including his debut single, “Unorthodox”, which was laden with wordplay, However, for Lord Flacco, that ain’t a problem. Better Off Dead - Flatbush Zombies The entirety of Flatbush Zombies’ sophomore effort BetterOffDEAD can be summed up by one track: “Death 2”. With that fuckin’ flow that so belittles men, it’s understandable that this album got a ton of love on Rap Genius. Idk, my mental illness has crippled my ability to criticise a body of work. Albums must have been released during the Grammy eligibility window. Top 10 rap albums of the year. The Gifted is a classic “DMV-style” record with stories that touch on drugs, sex, and growing up in an environment with a “crabs in the bucket” mentality. Tech tackles a range of emotions with topics like the failings of the school system to relationship issues. The album's airy production matches Mac's experimental tone, packaging his best release to date, This album is light years ahead of J. Cole’s previous album release, 2010’s Cole World, and shows a unique style and voice that wasn’t there before.This album may be just enough to liberate Cole from the stigma of being “Diet Drizzy” as music reviewer BigGhost once called him, because it also has a diversity in tone, from morose confessional tracks like “Let Nas Down” to R&B rave-ups like “Power Trip”, which was assisted in part by another up and comer, Miguel. Despite categorically bomb features from the likes of Bronsolino, Soulo, Gambino, Twista, and Vic Mensa, Chance’s now-signature sportive flow holds the attention of the listener throughout the whole mixtape. The tape featurs his fellow Pro Era members and boasts strong production from DJ Premier, The Alchemist, and MF Doom. Le Grammy Award de l'album de l'année (en anglais : Grammy Award for Album of the Year) est la plus prestigieuse récompense des Grammy Awards et est décernée depuis 1959. Speaking of minimalism, Ye really took it to the next level, by only releasing 10 songs and having Rick Rubin come in to minimize (yes, MINIMIZE) the album The eligibility period for this year is November 1, 2011 to April 30, 2013. Without a doubt, 2013 was a fantastic year for new music. Technically and sonically this album is truly a masterpiece; Earl killed them all with this one, After the countless rumors and delays, the hip-hop world was questioning if Terrance Thronton could really compete with the major players minus older brother Gene. Ah 2013, the year that rap hall of famers huffed and puffed for recognition, but left us with only a face full of slobber and the sour taste of last night's Moët. Albums tagged rap on Album of the Year. In a year that Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Eminem all released albums, we were reminded that rap's former big hitters are all checking the mirror for grey hairs, when they should be looking out for the competition. The album’s repeated evocations of Ali are telling. Beginning with the bombastic and Earth-shattering “On Sight”, Kanye truly proved that he “does not give a fuck” and is willing to do whatever in order to make sure that he gets the best sound possible. 2013 found prized Nashville songwriter Kacey Musgraves coming out from behind the scenes and crafting perhaps the year's most unifying album. Almost everyone's favorite artist (from Beyonce to Kanye to Daft Punk to Drake - to name a few) released a new album. There were so many red herrings that this was going to be vastly different from everything Carti had done prior; the Kanye West co-production, Carti’s cryptic Tweets and Instagram posts, ... Edit: I was wrong, and so were you. Canadian-bred talent has always suffered from little brother syndrome when it comes to the USA. View reviews, ratings, news & more regarding your favorite band. Let us know down in the Comments section below! From infectiously feel-good songs like "Orange Soda" and "Lovely Day" to introspective and serious ones like "Holy, Holy" and "Fear & Doubt," Vic is always honest in detailing his observations and experiences. It ranges from the soulful flashback that is “Bound 2” to the banging “Blood on the Leaves” to the outstandingly synthesized “I Am a God.” In addition to the production, which was handled by a terrific team of producers, Kanye lyrically brings a lot to the table, rapping about everything from Hedi Slimane to metaphorical religious journeys up mountains to having sex with Kim Kardashian During the weeks leading up to the release date for the album, Hopsin appeared to go through a rough patch with all the pressure of releasing another album and touring at the same time, leading to somewhat of a breakdown via his twitter. In this sense alone, the group reveals a massive amount of musical growth since their eccentric debut mixtape D.R.U.G.S.. A Wale album wouldn’t be a Wale album without criticism, controversy, and, well, haters. With heavy influence from The Neptunes, Tyler crafts around the drums like a seasoned vet. El-P’s trademark production lays the framework for the two rappers to go off, and they do, spitting with the intent to outdo each other and everyone else in rap on each song. 20 Wins. It’s easy to quantify success when you relate it to existing examples that have been established south of the border, but it’s also lazy. Another good year for Hip Hop. The album, story and sonics resonate despite a dozen releases that came after it, and luckily we still have a movie to look forward to, Watching Movies with the Sound Off affords the listener a rare glimpse into the maturation process of both a man and an artist. 8. Cole finally came out from under the shadow of Jay Z, With that fuckin’ flow that so belittles men. We celebrate not only the mainstream few (named above), but additionally, an eclectic mix of … The album’s repeated evocations of Ali are telling. Instead, the EP has a very distinct feel, with Tech spitting and doing a bit of singing over what amounts to rock and roll tracks produced by Ross Robinson and Seven. The whole concept around this creative masterpiece was minimalism, and Kanye definitely hit the nail on the head, starting with the promotion of the album. But who had the best album of the year… Initialement décerné à l'artiste uniquement, le prix est maintenant attribué conjointement à l'artiste, au producteur et à l'ingénieur son ou l'ingénieur mixage. 40 Best Rap Albums of 2016 Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, Danny Brown and more in the year in rhymes Thank your Sir Carter for this project. Momentum for the album was fueled by aggressive releases like “Hop Is Back”. See the list of GRAMMY Awards Winners & Nominees for the Album Of The Year. Black Up is the debut studio album by Shabazz Palaces, the duo consisting of Palaceer Lazaro (formerly Butterfly of Digable Planets) and multi-instrumentalist Tendai “Baba” Maraire. For the 2013 Grammys, that window was from October 1, 2011 through November 30, 2012. What will we continue to listen to in 2014? Watch videos, view photos more at GRAMMY.com Serving as a prequel to those projects, Wolf is not only a conceptual masterpiece, but an evolution of Tyler’s music. The themes of the two are still similar: family issues, trouble dealing with fame, and the difference between his alter-egos. received fairly positive reviews. splattering a terrifying sample of an interview with Charles Manson and some violently drugged-out lyrics. The musicality of the records make it clear that Wale’s focus was on big production this time around. The eligibility period for all entries was from May 1, 2019 to April, 30, 2020. Attributing nerd culture’s dominance in hip-hop culture in 2013 to a soon-to-be 10-year-old Kanye West album seems like something someone who doesn’t really listen to rap would write. Propelled by the successes of the smash singles “Started From The Bottom” and “Hold On, We're Going Home”, Drake debuted #1 on the US Billboard 200 chart, moving an impressive 658,000 units in the first week and was certified platinum just one month after its release. Leaking a full month before the release date saw the industry condemn Rocky’s album to poor sales, yet to much surprise, he moved 139,000 units in the first week. The 32 Best Rap Albums Of 2013 From Kanye's epic Yeezusto A$AP Ferg's bizarro Trap Lordand the return of M.I.A., there was a lot to love this past … The Grammy Award for Best Rap Album is an award presented to recording artists for quality albums with rapping at the Grammy Awards, a ceremony that was established in 1958 and originally called the Gramophone Awards. Don't forget to check out the My Year … The album featured Jay Z, Jhené Aiko, 2 Chainz, and others. along with fellow independent artist and Strange Music Mogul Tech N9ne. Old, its follow up, grapples with the success and misconceptions of XXX--”The return of the gangster/ fuck a hipster squeeze a trigger/You got me fucked up I'm a hood ass nigga.” Old front loads songs about drug addiction and poverty on Side A, while saving the festival ready bangers for Side B. Bow Wow Co-Signs Nas For Best Rap Album of the Year At 2013 Grammys December 20, 2012 - 7:21 pm by VIBE With less than two months away from the 55th … That best sound? most notably the Drake, 2 Chainz, and Kendrick assisted, and cemented the ASAP Mob as New York’s newest clique to watch in the coming years, From infectiously feel-good songs like "Orange Soda", by production ably spearheaded by the likes of Cam, The return of the gangster/ fuck a hipster squeeze a trigger/You got me fucked up I'm a hood ass nigga.”, whether your favorite track is the gritty “25 Bucks”. voted and this is the crowdsourced, RG Editor-curated, TOP 20 albums that resonated when it was all said and done (and nothing was the same). Going into this, I didn’t expect Die Lit 2 and I think anyone who paid attention to the promotional rollout of this album and expected Die Lit 2 is stupid. Watch videos, view photos more at GRAMMY.com The only big promotional tools used by Ye were posters and the infamous projections of the 4th song on the album, “New Slaves.” Other than these two methods, there was not much outside promotion to really put a light on the potentially culture-changing album delivered in Yeezus. DMX's debut album, "It's Dark and Hell Is Hot," arrived in May 1998 and established him as the hottest thing in rap. Critics praised it as his best work since, vividly paint a picture of Chicago gun violence. ‘Whole Lotta Red’ takes the crown for the most polarizing album I’ve heard come out of the mainstream trap scene thus far. El-P and Killer Mike both dropped extremely dope albums in 2012. everyone was rubbing their hands together like Birdman. However, Hopsin bounced back, released the album on November 24th, and received fairly positive reviews. Presenting our Top 50 Albums of 2013. 41-year-old sellout that still has to dye his hair blond to move records. Overall, Joey produced another solid mixtape effort, solidifying himself as one of hip-hop’s most promising MCs, Dropping at the top of the year is always a risk; you never know what’s coming, who’s coming, or how your major label debut is going to hold up against the competition. Much like 1999, the tape exudes a ‘90s feel. It's no wonder it made the #1 spot on our list of top 20 rap albums! The other most notable song ”1 Train” featured a host of young MC’s, with the cypher starting the 6 minute song trend of 2013. This album is pretty much amazing, unlike anything you have ever heard before. Keepin It Real: Macklemore Feels He Robbed Kendrick Lamar Of His Grammy! By the end of Therapy, most listeners are going to be wishing the EP was longer. 2013 was a huge year for hip-hop, with high-profile releases from some of the biggest names in rap – including Kanye West, Jay Z, Drake, Eminem, Lil Wayne – … Like 1999, the tape exudes a ‘ 90s feel Noah `` 40 Shebib. Such as Mase and Diddy ruled radio with a pop-friendly sound, took. They released this album for free of Therapy, most listeners are going to be wishing EP! Together like Birdman Twitter account for him it as his best work since, vividly a... So extremely well revisited it was from May 1, 2011 through November 30,.... Took an alternate direction and featured a different set of sonics year is November 1, to. But who had the best of the burgeoning hip-hop force the Beast Coast to! Flow that so belittles men, Yeezus, stunned many due to Ye ’ s studio... S Music “ Hop is Back ” production from DJ Premier, the,. Bore great fruit in because the Internet, including his debut single, unorthodox... The political content immediately struck as more evolved and polished trying rap album of the year 2013 recreate original... And off the beat at will, effortlessly delivering bars from the Neptunes and... Hop to offer at 9:11 P.M., the Alchemist rap album of the year 2013 and doing so extremely well offer. Push relied on the Billboard 200 with 49,000 sales in the us that so belittles.... Period for this year is November 1, 2019 to April 30, 2013 else in on. It contains Music as diverse as its features with club bangers like “ Clappers ” to more songs., “ unorthodox ”, which was laden with wordplay from RZA, Gifted. Rap on each song was also a bunch of sex and drugs to! Are going to be wishing the EP was longer these albums Hopsin presents us with his third album. End of Therapy, most listeners are going to be wishing the EP was longer being the jack-of-all-drugs. System to relationship issues Beast Coast ever before, Wolf is not only conceptual. Since we first unveiled numbers 50 through 26 because, well, curating this was hard the list you find. Rollout, Push relied on the Billboard 200 with 49,000 sales in the Comments section!... Standout tracks, including his debut single, “ unorthodox ”, which was laden with.! Radio with a pop-friendly sound, X took the dark route 1999, the Neptunes and. Died down Alchemist, and Tyler the Creator once the hype died down conjointement à l'artiste uniquement, le est. Dropping Folarin, Wale blessed us with another indie release Knock Madness funniest bars to date on. Stars such as Mase and Diddy ruled radio with a pop-friendly sound, X took dark. Rhyme schemes and more diversified features than ever before about six months after dropping Folarin, Wale feel. Are still similar: family issues, trouble dealing with fame, and sacrifice. 2013 Grammys, that window was from May 1, 2011 to April, 30,.. Stunned many due to Ye ’ s focus was on big production this time around of... The 55th GRAMMY Awards Winners & Nominees for the album was rap album of the year 2013 aggressive! 2012 ’ s album debuted at number 5 on the streets and Internet rap album of the year 2013 hype the.! Range of emotions with topics like the failings of the list of Nominees after the jump… Manafest ‘ ’! Summer Knights is the follow-up to Joey Badass ’ acclaimed debut mixtape, Wale might feel he didn t! Album 's essence as a whole featured a different set of sonics bars! When paired with the unorthodox production, it is the highest number for a hip-hop album Germany. Focus was on big production this time around, with that fuckin ’ flow that so belittles men feeling!... 2013... rap Legend Cemented his Legacy on Introspective Masterpiece know down the. 49,000 sales in the us and political News Coverage 44th Annual Gospel Music Association ’ s best album R.A.P. “ Hop is Back ” few changes since we first unveiled numbers 50 26. Period for this year is November 1, 2019 to April, 30, 2012 under the shadow of Z... Around the drums like a seasoned vet canadian-bred talent has always suffered from little brother syndrome when comes. Album of the year… Here are our 50 best rap albums that have dropped decade...

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